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Unemployment in Black Britain is Rising Thrice as Fast as White Workers During Pandemic

Unemployment in Black Britain is Rising Thrice as Fast as White Workers During PandemicBy Shola Adenekan Saturday, February 27, 2021.The unemployment rate for Black British workers has tripled in the past 18 months, according to a report from the UK’s Office for National Sta..More


  • Unemployment in Black Britain is Rising Thrice as Fast as White Workers During Pandemic
  • Black British Workers Far More Likely to be Exposed to Covid-19
  • Black British Women Face Job Insecurity and Racism at Work
  • Groups Want Politicians to Stand up Against Hate Speech During European Elections
  • UN Calls For More Support For People With Disabilities
  • The Africa Centre in London Has a New Director
  • Black British Women Are Paid Less Than White Men (1 comment)
  • Top 30 Supporters of Campaign Against Mental Health Injustice
  • Racism is Rife And Life Has Gone Worse for Black Britons, Warns a New Report
  • A-Level Results: Can You Get a Degree for Free?
  • Africa Utopia Returns to London’s Southbank
  • Applications Open for BBC Radio 3’s Conference on Greater Diversity in Classical Music
  • Black Britain and Migrant Communities Want Britain to Remain in the EU
  • Study Reveals Black British Workers with Degrees Two and Half Times More Likely to be Unemployed
  • Weekend Politics: The Rules Holding Together the Iran Nuclear Deal
  • For Black Britain, Life is Far From Fair
  • Preview: 'No Colour Bar: Black British Art In Action 1960-1990'
  • Britain: Benefits Changes Risk Severing Bond Between Young Dads and Children, Charities Warn (1 comment)
  • BBC Selects Rising Black British Stars for its Leadership Development Scheme
  • Labour Party Says Another Tory-led Government Will Cost Poor Families about £4,800 Annually
  • Could Copper Prevent Spread of Ebola?
  • Black Player Suffers Racial Abuse During an English Conference League Game
  • David Lammy wants to Replace Boris Johnson as London Mayor
  • Diane Abbott Joins London’s “Hands Up, Don't Shoot Justice for Michael Brown” Campaign
  • London Council Honours Hero Black Doctor of the First World War
  • New Study Links Weight Management in Black Women to Reduced Depression
  • Black British Churches Back Legislation to Outlaw Modern Day Slavery
  • Government Minister Admits there is Racism in Britain
  • Nigeria: Government Knew of Planned Boko Haram Kidnapping But Failed to Act
  • Ngugi to Receive First Honorary Doctorate from Germany
  • London Church Hosts Breast Cancer Awareness Event Highlighting How Early Diagnosis Saves Lives
  • New Job Pilots Aim to Tackle Youth Unemployment in Black Britain
  • Music Helps to Educate West Midlands’ Children on Road Safety
  • Black Britons and Other Ethnic Minority Groups Are Britain’s Most Tech Savvy
  • Shock As Another Black Man Dies in Police Custody
  • Black Mental Health UK Launches Campaign Against Black Deaths in Custody
  • Britain: Pioneering Student Mental Health Conference Takes Place
  • Police Commissioner Wants Black Mancunian Volunteers
  • Tuberculosis Affects Mostly African and Asian Communities in the UK
  • Black Voters Can Decide 2015 General Elections in Britain
  • Cambridge University Students Bring Groundbreaking Play to London
  • Acclaimed Black British Artist Joins Middlesex University
  • Thousands of Extra MMR Vaccines Ordered by UK Doctors as Part of National Catch-up Scheme
  • UK Companies Say Young People Lack the Work Ethic to Succeed in Manufacturing
  • Health Minister and Black Community Leaders to speak on Policing and Mental Health
  • NHS Constitution Must Work Harder for Children, Says National Children’s Bureau
  • Hear Me Now - Black British Men Are at Greater Risk of Prostate Cancer
  • Diabetes Diagnosis Reaches Record 3 Million Mark in Britain
  • HIV Infections Increase Among Men who have Sex with Men in the UK
  • Over One Million Britons Hit By Vomiting Bug
  • Whooping Cough Cases Continue to Rise in Britain
  • Student Accommodation Costs Double in Ten Years in the UK
  • Young Black Britons Have Experienced Sharpest Unemployment Rise Since 2010
  • University Students Warned of Dangers of Weight Gain
  • Health Agency Urges Black British Parents to Vaccinate School Children As Measles Cases Rise
  • Black British Organisations To Get Cash Funding to Tackle Mental Health Stigma
  • Campaign Launched to Raise Awareness of Cervical Smear Test Among Black and Minority Ethnic Women
  • Expats rush on pensions as the true extent of UK’s pensions crisis is revealed
  • Nottingham Educational Institutions Set up Cultural Group for Young Black Men
  • Black Britain Has Higher Unemployment Rate than Black America
  • UK’s First Ever Healthcare Recommendation Service for People with HIV
  • Black Britain Needs More Bone Marrow Donors
  • Drug Users at Risk of Serious Infections
  • Charity Warns Tens of Thousands of Young Brits Could be Hospitalised by 2020 due to Self-Harm
  • An Opportunity for Black British Businesses
  • Britain: Challenges Ahead for Academia
  • Britain’s Family Immigration Proposals Unnecessary and Arbitrary
  • Black Boys Think School Work is ‘Gay’!
  • University Student Crushed to Death
  • Black British University Students Face Massive Debt
  • Mental Health in Black Britain
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