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The Sarah Murray Bone Marrow Appeal


Sarah Murray is a teacher at London’s Waverley School.

She was diagnosed with leukaemia in May 2004 and urgently needs a bone marrow donor to save her life.


Donor's must be one of the following:


Male or Female - Generally Healthy


AGED 18 - 40 (White British) or

AGED 18 - 43 (Black, Asian and

all other Ethnic Minorities)

To register as a potential donor will require an

application form to be completed and a very

small sample of blood to be taken for testing to

see if you are a match by a trained

phlebotomist (blood taker).


To find out more please contact

Saturday 22nd April 2006

Time: 10am till 6pm


London Fire Brigade,

94 Southwark Bridge Road,

London SE1 0SD.

Wednesday 26th April 2006


Time: 2:30pm till 9pm

Waverley School,

Homestall Road, Dulwich,

London SE22 0NR


Editor's note:


The recent death of talented young Blacks like R & B crooner Lyden David Hall and DJ Swing from related illnesses, highlight the urgent need for people in the Black communities to come forward.


Sarah is not alone. There are dozens of Black patients waiting for donors. Please get tested and maybe you can save someone's life.


As an African Caribbean, the chances of finding a  perfect donor can be as low as one in 100,000. For a white patient the odds would be around one in five.


To find out more please contact the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT) on 44 208 667 1122 or visit http://www.aclt.org

To find out more please contact the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust

(ACLT) on 020 8667 1122 or

Help Save Someone's Life!

From: John B | 29.Mar.2006 @03:29:00 | Add Comment
Great Cause! I wish there were more of such in our Societies. The Diaspora needs to make its wealth available to the world.

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