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By Busisiwe Sigasa


Thursday, February 28, 2008.



The fact remains

There’s no point in blaming myself or anyone
The fact remains….
There’s no use in you asking me why I never told you because
The fact remains….

I tried, you had no time and you were always busy and occupied
I dont blame you either because no matter what
The fact remains….

I’m not looking for sympathy or feeling sorry things happened this way
Nothing anyone can say will change anything because
The fact remains….

I am now counted in the

 statiastics because
The fact remains….

Dont tell me i should have never allowed my story to be published
because….The fact remains….

You dont know how i feel-no one does and the
The fact remains….
Dont tell me what people might say or think because
The fact remains….

Its not going to change anything
Dont ask ask me who was my rapist because it makes me mad
But mad as i can be and for everyone’s sake and my own
Life goes on and still
The fact remains….that



Busisiwe Sigasa was a South African gay rights activist. She died  on March 12, 2007, from complications arising from HIV AIDS. She contacted the  the virus after she was raped.


With thanks to Black Looks.


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