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By The Political Team


Friday, March 28, 2008.


Despite Nick Clegg’s lacklustre leadership, the Liberal Democrats are gaining ground on Gordon Brown and his Labour Party, according to the latest Guardian ICM opinion poll.


Out of 732 respondents, the survey shows 21% -up from 16% last month - of likely voters nationwide - going for the Liberal Democrats, putting them eight percentage points behind Labour at 29%. At 42%, David Cameron and his Conservative Party are odds-on-favourite to win a parliamentary majority in the next general elections.


Buoyed by double digit leads, the Tories are clear favourites amongst voters in the Midlands and the south, while Labour has a small lead over them in the north. The same poll shows the Lid Dems in third place, but they have their highest regional support with southern voters at 14%, closely followed by 13% from likely voters in the north.


Prime Minister Gordon Brown has until spring 2010 to call the next general elections.


Meanwhile, Operation Black Vote (OBV) has called for every black citizen who is eligible to vote to register before April 16, and exercise their rights at the local and region elections on May 1.


The UK's leading Black think-tank says the threat of the far right gaining a significant foot hold in these elections is very real.


OBV says: "The far right’s political tactics have been to abandon their overt thuggery and racism and present themselves as democrats, arguing on policy areas such as housing and immigration. As a result a lot of decent people will be misled into believing that this is a truly democratic party that would treat all its citizens equal. It won’t. Most far right organisation will never accept that any one with decedents from Africa or Asia can be British citizens. It is only in the last few years that the British National Party , for example, have dropped the idea of ‘forcible repatriation’, to those who they define are not British."  


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