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By Wambui Mwangi and Keguro Macharia

Friday, June 11, 2010


To stir up

To stir into

To stir around

To be stirring


An invitation and a provocation.


Riddle: what happens when hungry eyes meet starving words?

Answer: Another African Story

Koroga is another African story, a story of what we see and how we see, of meetings and transformations, of looking and seeing, of seeing and writing, of speaking into being the worlds we know, and those we are always imagining. Koroga is photographs inflaming poetry, poetry inciting photographs. Koroga is what happens when we see the world on our own terms, in our own languages, in their accents and dances, their hidden smiles and come hither seducations, seducations because we teach the world our pleasures.

Koroga is photographers and poets. Wambui, Andrew, Sitawa, Stephen, Nyambura, Ngwatilo, Keguro, and a quest to have poems speak to photos, photos speak to poems, a long conversation from now until September 2010.

Koroga is what happens when we look at photos of ourselves, read poems about us, get stirred up, and decide to stir around.

Welcome to our seducations.

 A peek? A glimpse? A preview? Sure.

The assignment: how do we see our interjections: Ati, Haiya, Aterere, Asi . . .




Wambui Mwangi blogs at Diary of a Mad Kenyan Woman.


Keguro Macharia is a Kenyan literary critic and academic. He is an Assistant Professor of English Language and Literature at the University of Maryland, College Park.  He blogs at Gukira.

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