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By Emmanuel Iduma


Saturday, December 04, 2010.





When you cleanse me

with (2) quarts

of salvation, I may have

no ready words of thanksgiving;


But these things, too,

shall pass.


I am as a Parambulator

Sometimes too quick

to think goads of sheet

are for latrine pits.


The cleansers are not

goal getters.

They are the ghoul

And ghosts of an

Insipid Fagunwa


I know of waters

long dwelt by Aryan Speculators

Red Armies, CIAs and (24) Elders

of goodwill bombs.


These are the Cleansers.

We have long known.


I have no further claim.


Although reminded

that seeking the thrust

of waterfalls with

parched tongues,


Won’t bring back




Love bereft of

Demise tabernacles

Is love



Unmentioned, though,

Are springs of

Iced manacles


In the dome of the Cleanser,

There are deferential

Missed regimes





Three Fool bag

of wishes way

laid the water

side seeking none

other, sanctification

full and free.


Let the redeemed

fish cockcrows

in four batches of denial.


Who are those

who seek denial

on a perforated rostrum

of insect-like possibilities?


Unlike the Apostles

of old Solferino

whose arm being

two bullying

fat-headed cheats,

shits, too numerous

to mention.


We are those yet

unknown with invalid

sanctification robes,

unnumbered place in WOZA.


It’s 2010 and I believe.


Wishes are for

the washing and wishing.


Take it or live it.




For Biyi Olusolape


Take these eyes

To the Witch of Endor,

She might have the cure

For perfection


Speaking of such a wonder,

She’s found an immaculate duty,

A soft-sell heart


As such, Aung San Suu Kyi

Purges or

Punishes inactivity,

She’s hung up a family tree.


An unforgiven fallacy

By Ne Win,

Myanmar as an In-Stead


Burma Boys know how

Fast they’ve swam:

It’s an oppressive façade


In sum, these eyes

of U Nu, You knew,

are opt for change





For Tobi ‘Sammyjay’ Adebowale


Happy are those

Who’ve smelt red


Their taste of Habyarimana

Remains as vivid

As a Mobutu prostrate


1994 – 1997

There lived two cleansings

A Tribe’s and a Man’s


Worlds within spaces

Spaces within worlds


This is the context

Of mousetraps


Interahamwe loyalists

Lack a fundamental obligation

Red does not mean read


Someone knows the felicity

Of being rated R

As it is to this day






Emmanuel Iduma is studying for his law degrees while working on a novel.

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