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By Hillary Wachinga


Friday, April 07, 2011.


You tell me that you love me,
That you can even die for me,
That if you were to reincarnate,
You want to be just me,
But I know,
‘tis just for a time

Day and night, you lie,
Of much thoughts about me,
Skipping meals, just for me,
Skipping ropes, just for me,
But I know,
‘tis just for a time

Last weekend, you gave me a rose,
And from a million, only I chose,
Comparing me to honey and stars,
Even to the pious angels and saints,
But I know,
‘tis just for a time

Sooner than later, this I know,
Your love might die away,
And also fade away as fast,
Just like the rose and stars,
But I know,
‘tis just for a time

And then, you will let me know,
That the bitter truth of sweet love,
Was just dew in the break of dawn,
That the sun will rise and take it away,
But I know,
‘tis just for a time

Yes, I really know this for sure,
But fearful of love turning into hatred,
And wish status quo can be maintained,
Yes, ceteris paribus in our love lives,
But I know,
‘tis just for a time

Copyright Hillary Wachinga @ 2011


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