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By Mia Nikasimo| With thanks to Blacklooks

Thursday, March 1, 2012.

Don’t do that in the name of helping me

You felt me up felt me up felt me up felt

That was the first time you felt me up

As I looked on you felt my upper arm up

Again! What happened to my boundaries?

Again! That was the second time again

How would you feel if someone felt up

Your sister so? Felt your sister up felt her

And all in the name of lending a hand.

In you came with all these forms felt up

“Fill these forms”. “Take this”. “Bring those”.

“You will need to bring every document”

You felt me up again. My stomach turns.

And then I remembered why I felt felt up

Again, felt up felt felt me up; stop it, stop!

And then I remembered you felt me up

Again, felt up gelt up felt up, gelt me up

And then I remembered again and again

Is this what action for employment means?

You kept talking about me over my shoulders

Don’t patronise me for initiatives taken, mine

If that’s what that feeling up was about, don’t

Don’t resort to gropesome abuse; feeling me up

Your infringements of my boundaries sickens

How would you feel if someone felt your sister

Up like you felt me up. How would you feel?

Don’t feel me up for laughs; don’t feel me up

Don’t feel me up for laughs; don’t feel me up

Don’t feel me up for laughs; don’t don’t don’t

Don’t feel me up for laughs; no, it’s not funny

You are not telling me groping is your remit

Don’t feel me up, don’t patronise me don’t, no!

Get me the job by all means get me a job , any

And while at it respect my boundaries, stop!

(c) Mia Nikasimo


Mia Nikasimo is a writer at The Sphinx Publishers

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