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By Mia Nikasimo | with thanks to Blacklooks

Sunday, June 16, 2012.

Editor's note: During 2009, Mia Nikasimo took to writing poetry on her mobile phone. Some she would send to her friend the activist and award-winning blogger Sokari Ekine; some she would keep for herself.   Texting poetry is a selection of some of these poems written somewhere in London – at home, on the bus, on the go.

Ann summers on a Sunday afternoon.
Looking for a bra
Looking for panties
With Olori in tow; toe?
We found a vibrator.
We tried it on for girth,Waow! We dreamed in one vocal voluminous voice. It’s joviality scored.
It blew our minds & that
Was just by handling it, Fingering its vibrating
Shaft and all. Admiring the green member…
£33.50 not bad, not at all.
Now, I know I want it even more, I’ve always Wanted a buzzard for my birthday; I can still dream!
Vibrating vision to hold.
For my next birthday, pls,
I want even more now!

Mia Nikasimo (c) March 2009

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