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By Lee R. Haven | with thanks to JackandJillPolitics


Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

Do you write every day?
The intrepid interviewer, questioning none other than the literary giant Toni Morrison, had mentioned earlier that all writers he’d talked to had professed the importance of slinging words on paper daily—just to keep the thing alive, their kills sharp, the discipline dear.

Toni Morrison answered that she didn’t.


Really? the interviewer responded.


I write everyday, Ms. Morrison said, when I have something to say every day.


I don’t know if I have anything new to say to you today, Barack. I thought I should say something on this Election Day. Certainly something on it. As readers of my contributions to this page know (I have at least a cousin who promises to read each piece), I’ve written so many other pieces about you in your battle with Romney the Ratchet (aren’t these young people great with the names they come up with?) and about all I felt was at stake. However, this time, nothing profound—or something I could convince myself is profound— jumps to mind.


I voted early for you last week, by the way.

Before you get too happy though, I voted in Georgia. I hope they count the thing.


I understand these red states are not your biggest challenge these days though. What about the battleground states? I like your chances in these states but what are we gonna do with Florida? And Ohio? Good move to have Holder send lawyers to check on any shenanigans. Here’s hoping he brings the full weight of the law against the perpetrators. It’s my understanding that many voting violations are felonies.

I read somewhere that some black people were afraid to vote for you the first time around for fear you’d win; they didn’t want to be responsible for some Fox News viewer type offing the first black president.



But know that this time around many black people either have already voted for you or will vote for you today, fully aware of the possible blowback not against just you but also against them. You know, the employers who refuse to hire them ’cause they be so mad at you. Or the cops surpassing even their already high quotas to knock additional black heads in or to lock their bodies up.

Ain’t no thang, though. Ducking’s been a very real part of the black existence here. Sometimes they make them miss. They just have to know the session is worth it.


As I wrote in another piece, I think you’ve proven—with your performance in the last debates—that you may be angry black man now. It’s your duty to have their backs too.


Everybody knows that black unemployment is severely higher than the unemployment of whites. Frankly, it always has been. Just as bad, though—-and this I didn’t know—the rate of incarceration for blacks today matches the rates of blacks locked up during South African apartheid.


Who among the lucky—black or white—can’t claim that they wouldn’t have been locked up if police had followed all they did during their youth? I understand you had a pretty wild one yourself.


Say you win. (And I think you will.) Save these young brothers, Barack. You’re not going to save all, nor can you, but save as many as you can. Create initiatives hiring them, sending them to school, giving them the opportunity to succeed. Push them through executive order if that’s the only option. A change of direction for one here and another there and you may be saving a future son-in-law.

Just as you’ve shown that blacks can be angry these days—hell, folks died so that you could be—-know too that there’s another narrative we need to challenge. Sure, Limbaugh, Boortz and the others will call you a racist for looking out for your own, but, trust me, even they in their heart of racist hearts respect loyalty. They tell us they love Clarence Thomas, but there can be no way they respect him.

What else?


Yeah, stay away from Bibi. That mofo’s insane.

Well, look at me. I said I wasn’t going to say much and I’m just going on and on.

I’ll let you go. I understand you have a busy day.

Good luck.


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