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Two Poems

By Rasaq Malik Gbolahan

Tuesday, February 26, 2013.


Iya iya mi
Omo agboeri

My mother, my mother
The one whose head is strong enough to lap masquerade’s attire

Arike, time has journey through the labyrinth of yesterday,
I remember, tears have gathered inside ocean of tales.

And arike, I remember times of aches
When we totaled losses of absences
And our eyes, buried with tears.

I remember melodies of the night,
The ones we hearkened to amidst fears
Of yesteryears and tangled tomorrow.

And I remember your smiles
That messaged laughter to my face.

I remember seasons we wept,
Feasting on some remembrances,
My birth, your dreams, some dreams that
Were thwarted at the threshold.

May our today
Bring victory for faraway night.

Song of Love
                 (for Adeoti Titilade)

Your name pins
The skin of the sea
You distort its flow.

The scent of your body
Gathers legs
In a race for your presence.

I mirror the track in your eyes
And my lips
Stutter four words.

Now, tamed by the sages of the land,
Where bomb raises flag of loyalty
to those who frown faces with blood
Of dead children.

Yet, I remember the honey
Inside the hive
Of your name,
I remember the voice
That gathers song.

Yet, I remember Ajike.

Rasaq Malik Gbolahan is one of Nigeria and Africa's emerging literary voices. He is working on the publication of Drowining Pages, which is his first poetry collection.

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