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Thursday, June 20, 2013.



Seasons after Seasons

Digging out the caked earth crust

Its clod jumping behind your back

Seasons after Seasons

Knocking out the rusty metal

That shrouds the purest juice

White orbs gawk at the varicose veins

Piercing through quivering fingers and moldy nails

And the thenar in red hue blisters eroding the palm lines

Under the heat of the yellow flame is your sooty spine curved

Pushing out drenched skinny buttocks

And colored rain in tiny droplets fall from your wrinkled temple

Soaking the morsel-seed.




The leaves have glistened with bubbling waters

Seasons after Seasons

Crunchy leaves have floated with the whirlwind

But the plowing never stops

And the watering never stops

For a harvest that may never come

But hands must toil the earth

To put morsel in mouths

And moisten dried wells.

Jennifer N. Mbunabo is a writer and lives in Lagos, Nigeria.


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