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Three Poems

By  Kwabena Agyare Yeboah

Sunday, October 13, 2013.


There is a place

Where warmth greets

On Mahogany’s greatness

In a swift flow

And a swing low

Nations arise

Beyond the known

Harmattan telephones autumn

In attempt to patch the torn

Yet the ignorant boasts

Pointing to what is on screen

And/ or a read from the native

Present in absence

The exiled defines Africa

In a page-woven-imagery

Then the sorry face is fooled

To hand a penny

Or more

So mailboxes will be full

In a leaking conscience

Africa’s definition

Is herself

Not my words

Nor hers . . . nor his


The breath of today sits

In an array of the sun;

The chirping of the parrots

Plays melodies of old

From this glorious footpath

A heaven is opened

Fragrance of nature dumbfounds

Clouds gather and dance

To the voice of the wind

The amicable swift of the stream touches

The leaves guffaw here

Dwelling of trees read perfect on skins

Of nostalgic sweetness

Freshness stitches memories


Their Moses came, yes

But not with Canaan

The prophet came, yes

But not with the message

I speak to a nation

The sound of life

Is listened to

In the silence of death

On a drowsy night

That searched for her moon

I speak to a nature

A mighty arm is broken

In the walk to freedom

The motherland’s virginity

Is defiled by the thoughts

Of her own

And her innocence is humiliated

Murderous rage burnt veins

And killed the sparkle in the eyes

Truth is being held on trial

And nakedness is no shame

Rot has found home

As praises are showered

On her

Let the listening heart hear

And the willing hands walk the dream

I speak to a nation

Kwabena Agyare Yeboah studies Biochemistry at Kwame  Nkrumah University of Science and Technology,Kumasi, Ghana. His works have been published by Poetry Foundation Ghana and Scribbled Poetry. He recently contributed to an international anthology that explores the  theme of slavery and romance, ”Breaking Silence” (2013). Kwabena believes  Africa’s story can be told well by Africans, and he aspires to do this perfectly.

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