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By SA Edward -


Friday, November 29, 2013


I was born in St Lucia, but have lived in East London for most of my life.


Like many writers, I have always loved reading and writing and have been keeping a journal since my early teens.  I love reading stories where the writer surprises me.  If I learn a few new words along the way, I feel I am getting an additional bonus.  My favourite writer, Octavia E Butler, passed away in 2006.  She was a great writer of science fiction, my favourite of hers being ‘Wild Seed’. I am also an admirer of Nawal El Saadawi both for her political views and for her writing. 


My first serious attempt at putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to create my own stories, was a few years ago, while I was living and working in the Gulf.  This took the form of a novella called, ‘Yvette’.  Since then, I have written several short stories, drafted my second novel - ‘The Vulnerables’ - and continue breathing new life into ‘Yvette’.


Writing for union newsletters and my blog, has sparked an interest in journalism.  I have also written book and theatre reviews which have been published in The Voice Newspaper and Calabash.


I enjoy travelling and have been fortunate enough to visit Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Ethiopia. I have also been to Egypt twice where I experienced the wonders our ancestors created there so many years ago. My favourite place in Africa (so far) is Zanzibar because of its laid back, friendly way of life, lovely beaches, fresh fish and vegetables which remind me of the Caribbean. I fitted in so well there that people often spoke to me in Swahili thinking I was one of those beautiful Zanzibarian ladies.  


As well as writing, reading and travelling, I enjoy good conversation, watching drama, dancing and socialising.


I am a mother of two and work full-time in the National Health Service (NHS).  


You can see my published short stories and blog through my website: http://www.saedward.com.


By SA Edward 


SA Edward is The New Black Magazine’s Books and Literature Editor. She blogs at http://www.saedward.com.

Introducing The New Black Magazine’s Books and Literature Editor

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