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Three Poems


By Gabriel Bamgbose


Sunday, December 15, 2013.


You’d soon be weaned


You suck my breast

To nourish

Your broad chest

To show your relish

Your tongue you click

And my tit you bite

And your mouth you lick

All day and night

            You’d soon be weaned


Bask now my bouncing baby

Cry now to keep my tit

In the corner of your mouth

Only for the fun of it

Thunder to suck for health

And bite and giggle for its pleasure

Checking my mood

With the corner of your eyes

Cry and suck my child

Suck and bite my child

Bite and laugh my child

Laugh and check my face

Just do what you will

            You’d soon be weaned


I can see you toddling

Rising and falling

In your unsteady movement

Hope smiles on my brow

That you’d soon begin to walk

And the days of the breast sucker

Will soon be over

            You’d soon be weaned


Do what you will now

With my breast my child

You’d soon be weaned

And once again

I’d wear my maiden mask

And once again

Become the cynosure of all eyes

Do what you will now

With my breast my child

You’d soon be weaned

They said the time will come


They said the time will come 

when the father will not know his son

and the mother will care less about her daughter

when the sun will glow with darkness

and the moon will remain bloodshot

when confusion will turn the world upside down

and chaos will set itself remorsefully above order

                                                                                   I have heard of it


They said the time will come 

when the father will strive to inherit his son

            in all desperation 

and the mother will see nothing dishonouring

            in flirting with her daughter’s hubby

when the king will long to add his daughters

            to his host of harem

and the queen will plot to take over the throne

            satisfying her lustful drive with a lanky royal slave

                                                                                              I have thought of it


They said the time will come 

when men will have the urge of lust for men

and women too will feel the same for women

when unlike poles will begin to repel

and like poles will begin to attract

                                                           I have felt of it


They said the time will come 

when those dealing in cloths will clad

            themselves in wretched rags

and butchers of herds will still

            their troubled worms with fat bones

when carvers will clutch

            their woods for food as if it were their gods

and preachers will give

            their holy books business orientations

                                                                           I have seen of it 



Song of a Child


When the boatman

 Paddled him down to this shore

  On the torrent of blood and water

   Through the narrow river

    Edged with thick forest

     In his innocence

      He sang the song

       Heralding his arrival

        Into this part of the world

         The song was sweet

          To the ear

           The song that threw up

            A welcome fiesta

             Making some tipsy

              And some tired

               He held his fist firm

                Like a valorous boxer

                 Ready for rounds of victory

                  In the ring of triumph

                   How fast the song

                    Lost its first euphonies

                     How fast the tunes

                      Become cacophonous

                       When it echoes

                        Into the true rhythm of life

Gabriel Bamgbose is a Nigerian writer and critic. He is currently teaching in the Department of English, Tai Solarin University of Education, Nigeria. He is the founder and editor of Ijagun Poetry Journal. He has published in different academic journals. Some of his literary works have appeared in Sankofa Magazine, The Literary Yard, BareBack Magazine, Online Nigeria and Ijagun. Also, one of his poems is included in the longlist for the 2013 Ghana Poetry Prize. His collection of poetry, Something Happened after the Rain, is forthcoming.














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