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A Poem by Rasaq Malik Gbolahan



By Rasaq Malik Gbolahan


Tuesday, July 15, 2014.

Your love stands like a tower
in my heart

I will climb atop to call
your name

me - the muezzin, the bilal
in the city of poets

the bearer of your fragile memory.



Your love erects like a streetlight
in my heart tonight
as I walk down the road
to where we serenade

searching for your shadow
your fragrance
and your wholeness

Your love is the door to
the passage of light tonight
Give me the key to bask
in its rays

Be the stream that flows
the kiblah
I will face before
the earth paints my
body with dust.

Rasaq Malik Gbolahan is a Nigerian poet and writer. Please follow him on Twitter at @rasaqmalik



A Poem by Rasaq Malik Gbolahan

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