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Aladura and the Rain


By Wale Owoade


Monday, September 01, 2014.



With lifted head, hands outstretched
I kneeled with open mind.
Silent. Still.
Till my heart in
heavenly realm
makes a mouth for it to pray.
O God! See: my pain, my tears.

The wind
sweeps pass in haste with a mighty hand

Feeling cold, before now

I never felt
Shivering. Freezing.

Changing position, I stood,
eyes closed and heads bow.
Silent. Still.
Till the mouth telegraphed
the code from heart to pray.
O God! See: my wishes, my dreams.

The wind
sweeps pass again, as though the rain will fall

Rain? Thoughts waking hogwash ideas in me

Like ripples in raindrops.
Instigation. Lewd Instigation.
I then stood akimbo, eyes opened,
heart alight with expectations of no rain
Silent. Still.
Till fears of heaven cries afflicted
My dry mouth to pray in haste.
O God! See: my pleas, my quest


The rain soon did begin

Streaming down its bigger hand
like basalt on my shaved head.
Exercabating. Very Exercabating.



*Aladura: A Prayer Warrior or a prayerful being


Wale Owoade is a Nigerian born poet and creative writing Editor based in Ilorin. He was first published as a poet in Dverse Anthology of Contemporary World Poets, published by Plum White Press in the U.S. Since then, his works have appeared in anthologies in Nigeria and South Africa. He is finishing up a double major in History and International Studies in the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. He writes at http://waleowoade.wordpress.com and can be reached on Facebook at http://facebook.com/waleowoadeprofile

Aladura and the Rain: A Poem by Wale Owoade

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