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EU Referendum: Majority of Black Britain Voted to be in EU


By Shola Adenekan

Saturday, June 25, 2016.

An overwhelming majority of Black Britons voted to remain in the European Union (EU), according to a leading pollster.

The survey of last Thursday’s referendum by Lord Ashcroft suggests that three in four people of African-Caribbean descent wanted Britain to stay in the EU. They were followed by people who described themselves as Asian, with 67 percent of them voting to remain in the EU.

However, over half of white voters and those who described themselves as Christians voted to leave. Among those whose formal education ended at secondary school or earlier, a large majority also voted to leave.

Additionally, majority - 57 percent - of those with a university degree voted to remain, as 64 percent of those with a higher degree and more than four in five (81 percent) of those still in full time education. Seven in ten Muslims likewise voted to remain

Lord Ashcroft said: “For remain voters, the single most important reason for their decision was that the risks of voting to leave the EU looked too great when it came to things like the economy, jobs and prices”


EU Referendum: Majority of Black Britain Voted to be in EU

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