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Why do they hate Black Republicans?


By Ambra Nykol


There are many unwritten rules in American politics. With the exception of Hillary Clinton, most political figures have been subjected to the undercurrent of dos and don'ts that rule our nation's politics.


One of such rules states that if you are black and you are conservative, you are a target for racial slander. This rule also states that if such epithets and bigotry come from the Left, they don't qualify as racist. Indeed, the Left-Wing Conspiracy of America has made it widely known that they are not in favor of people of color that refuse to bow down to the John F. Kennedy altar.


So when President Bush appointed National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice to replace Colin Powell as Secretary of State, it was no surprise that the mental midgets with two-celled brains would crawl from under their rocks to display some typical double-minded bigotry.


It was not long ago that Dr. Rice was offensively caricatured in cartoons by both Jeff Danzinger, who sketched Rice as a semi-literate mammy, and Ted Rall, whose illustration referred to Rice as Bush's "House Nigga". Generally such occurrences create enough of a stir that the comics get pulled and the cartoonist still gets their fifteen minutes of fame. But the fact that these high-minded trolls think themselves arbiters of black authenticity is somewhat of an anomaly considering their perpetual claims that the Right is the Ku Klux Klan.


When syndicated cartoonist Jeff Danzinger's portrayal of Rice with big lips and bucked teeth rubbed readers the wrong way, he released a statement in which he exercised true Liberal Apologetics by denying the cartoon as racist, claiming it "was suggested to me by a friend who is African-American".


Yes, he pulled out the "I have black friends" rhetoric. Perhaps someone should tell him that defense is so 40 years ago.


         Condi and Bush in Bed 

        In bed with George: A caricature of Dr. Rice at politicalhumor.com


Since Condi was made US Secretary of State, the hypocrites have had their field day in a number of different racially directed comics. There is nothing new under sun. It is however interesting that we never see Rev Jesse Jackson or any of the other black solidarity saviors of the Left stepping in and correcting such blatant stereotypical depictions of their race.


And where pray tell, is the NAACP now? Perhaps you may recall a few years ago when a Toyota ad featured their new Rav-4 SUV etched into the gold tooth of black man. Their attempts to be stereotypically edgy outraged Rainbow/PUSH's leader. About.com reports:

"Jackson's organization initially threatened to boycott and picket the Toyota company saying that, because the ads appeared in places that were frequented by mostly whites, the purpose appeared to be solely to amuse whites."


It can certainly be deduced that the offensive cartoons are intended to amuse whites and many others. But apparently, Jackson can't get any money from this deal because he's nowhere to be found.


A likely story.


To be black and deviate (or even question) our blood-line democrat values is masochistic. As if it's not enough to have white yuppies (with black friends) calling you a sell-out, the black on black contempt has taken a turn for the worse.


Hateration is the name of this game. And while credentialed media quotes from major news papers could be more convincing, I believe these words from fellow black blogger resonate more with the pulse on our society's twisted conceptions on the meaning of freedom:


"If you are even remotely black and you voted for Bush, you are a nigger. No greater coon ever existed than the Black Republican. You shucking and jiving, shoe-shining, pink pucker licking, delusional [expletive]. May you slowly drown in a sea of piss, rubbing alcohol, watermelon seeds, and chicken gristle."


And that folks, is what we're up against.


Ambra Nykol is a columnist for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Soundpolitics.com, Seaspot magazine and Modestly Yours. She owns and blogs at nykola.com


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