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Exercise Your Mind, Not Just Your Body

By Features Desk

Sunday, March 12, 2017.

Giving our body the right amount of exercise is a vital component in enabling us to feel well, healthy and active. When we exercise, parts of our body really benefit from the rigorous activity we are putting it through, making us stronger, leaner, tougher, and of course, healthier.

When we exercise well, and do it regularly, this can also make us more determined and can allow us to develop a routine - enabling our minds to become more focused on the task at hand instead of it wandering off, leading us to procrastinate.

As well as making our bodies more healthy, exercise can also lead to our minds becoming healthier, and because of this it is essential that we take the time to exercise not just for our physical health but for our mental health, too. Being able to take control over our physical health and our mental health can be an extremely positive factor in our wellbeing.


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When choosing the type of exercises that we would like to, think about any physical impairments you have which may affect your ability to do the exercise as well as you would like. For example, if you suffer from knee problems, then running may not be the best choice for you and you could decide to opt to go swimming instead. Or, if you have recurring problems with your shoulders or back, then weightlifting will not be a good choice for you and you could opt for an exercise like yoga instead.

If you put your mind to it, you could really benefit from taking part in various exercise routines and will feel much better for it. You should also scope out locations in which to exercise - if you want to go running, a forested area or a mountain running track could be a good choice. You never know, when you travel to the location of your choice you may end up falling in love with the place and decide to move there. You could be so fit by the time that you move that you could even be helping the moving companies that you have chosen to use - this will add even more exercise to your life!

When we take part in exercise which we enjoy, it not only means that our body will benefit but also means that it can have a positive impact on our minds, too. When we take part in exercise, our minds become more clear and uncluttered as we will be solely focusing on the physical activity which we are doing. Having a clear mind can allow us to think about decisions in life with a much more precise and angled view on which to handle things. It is a common aspect, that when people do not take part in as much exercise as they should, that they can become lazy, demoralised and can even become depressed. Taking part in physical exercise is not just beneficial to our physical health but can also add massive benefits to our mental capacity.

Exercise Your Mind, Not Just Your Body

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