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Work Smarter, Not Harder!

By Features Desk

Wednesday, April 19, 2017.

Are you killing yourself in your quest to get a promotion? Most people who are in line for a promotion work all hours  because they think it’s the right thing to do. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s the wrong move. Working harder is never the answer because it only leads to more pressure and more stress. The trick is to work smarter to manage your current workload and impress the bosses. If you aren’t sure way to begin, start by taking a look at the following.


Make A Plan

Okay, so you hear this tip all the time. But, that doesn’t mean it is a bad piece of advice. What it does mean is that it’s probably a good tip because o is on the same page. Sites like https://www.forbes.com don’t promote help for no reason. A plan is the best way to understand what you have to complete and what can wait for the later. Plus, when you have it in front of you, it’s a lot easier to prioritise tasks. A quick list is enough to survey your workload for today, tomorrow, and the rest of the week.

Set Deadlines

A plan isn’t enough to get your ass into gear. It’s a good start, but it is only the beginning because it lacks the fear factor. Workers like to think that fear is a negative emotion, but it’s the opposite. The right amount will allow you to work at your maximum, and it will keep you alert and current. There is nothing that instils fear like a looming deadline. The consequences for missing the cut-off date are severe, so most people panic. There is no need to panic, especially if it’s a self-imposed deadline. But, there is the need to rank tasks in order of importance, and a time limit is a perfect option.

Be Social

Being social at work is a no-brainer for a variety of reasons. The obvious one is that going to work everyday and not talking is boring. More importantly, a series of healthy relationships can come in handy in your time of need. Sometimes, no matter how much you plan, there is no way to finish a task without help. No one is going to do you a favour if they don’t like or know you. Teamwork is a beautiful theory, but centres on work relationships. Those that don’t have any tend not to be on the right end of the cooperation theory, which is why socialising pays dividends.

Be Better

As the name suggests, working smarter is about gaining more knowledge.

As the name suggests, working smarter is about gaining more knowledge. Businesses work off the motto that knowledge is power because information brings results. If you don’t have the necessary info, you won’t get the results they want from their employees. The good thing is that information is readily available on the internet. Online universities have web pages like http://online.maryville.edu/online-bachelor-of-science-in-nursing-to-doctor-of-nursing-practice that deals with almost everything. All you have to do is find the course that suits you needs and enrol.

It’s simple, but it’s mightily effective.

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

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