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CV Additions For Jobseekers

By Careers Desk

Saturday, May 13, 2017.

To an extent, looking for a job in the current climate is inherently difficult. The challenges presented to jobseekers are many, from the lack of available jobs in some areas to way too many competing candidates in others.

However, people can and do get jobs, seeing the fruits of their jobseeking labours. If you have been applying for jobs for awhile with not so much as an interview request to show for it, it’s worth wondering… maybe it’s me?

When the job market is both sparse (in terms of jobs available) and competitive (in terms of the number of applicants) than standing out is essential. While you might have an amazing work history and relevant qualifications for the job you’re applying for, sometimes, employees want to see a little bit more than that. It’s the same way you’d talk about your hobbies and interests when applying to university; it’s all about rounding you out as a person.

If you want to give your CV a little more shine, there’s a few additions it might be worth adding. Some are bigger than others in terms of the time required to get them and the impact they’ll have, but they’re all better than just plugging away with the same old CV that isn’t currently seeing results.

#1 - Show Off Your Typing Speed

If you can type above average (around 50wpm) then it’s worth showing off your typing speed on your CV. This doesn’t just have to be an empty claim you make, either; you can take online tests and then display the badges as images on your CV. It’s always better to be able to backup any claims that you make!


#2 - Driving Qualifications

Jobs in remote locations - such as a business park with little public transport - often find it useful to see that a candidate is able to be responsible for their own transport. If you have a driving licence and your own vehicle, then it’s well worth adding it to your CV. If you don’t, a scooter is the best entry route into driving - lessons are inexpensive and it’s far more reasonable to buy a scooter than it is a car. With that done, you have another string to your bow ready to impress potential employers.

#3 - Basic Qualifications

Most of us are able to use the Microsoft Office package; you may also have a few skills with using software such as PhotoShop or accounting packages. However - harking back to the first point - it looks better on your CV if you have proof of your competence rather than just claiming it. There are plenty of short courses you can complete online that will give you a recognisable qualification to make your CV stand out more. Not only that, but you will probably genuinely pick up some new skills that will make you a more attractive candidate - so there’s plenty of reasons to pursue this area.

#4 - A Foreign Language

Even if your skill in said language is patchy, being able to list yourself as at least conversational in a foreign language will make your CV look great. Just make sure you are at the level of fluency that you claim - you don’t want to go to an interview, be quizzed on it, and have no way of talking your way out of it!

CV Additions For Jobseekers

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