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Safety Matters: Protecting Your Staff In The Construction Business



By Business Desk



Wednesday, July 5, 2017.


There are many dangerous jobs in the world, none more so than in the construction industry. From working on building sites, to spending time in high places, the people who work in this business face many risks on a daily basis.

Should you be planning to set up your own construction business, it is your duty to keep your workers safe. For that reason, we have compiled a list of some of the safety measures you need to put in place.

Fall protection measures
There are fatalities in the construction industry every year, and many of these are due to falling. When working from a great height, such as on scaffolding, the employer needs to ensure safety measures are put in place. These can include harnesses worn by the workers, a roofing guardrail and safety gates. The scaffolding needs to be erected properly and safely designed, with the proper inspections in place before work begins.

Health and safety training
Every worker needs to be trained to do their job, and this should be carried out on a regular basis to ensure everybody is up to date on new working practices and operating the latest machinery. Sadly, some employers fail to train staff adequately, either due to the cost involved or interruptions to productivity. There are hundred of injuries a year in construction, but the right training will eliminate a lot of the risks involved.

It isn’t enough to give a whistle-stop tour of the building site or to rely on other staff to give new workers the run down on safety protocols, as the training needs to be properly certified. Therefore, despite the expense, you should never overlook this aspect of the business.



Safety clothing
The jobs are wide and varied within construction, so certain tasks require specific clothing. However, everybody on a building site needs to wear hard hats to protect from any number of hazards, including falling debris. High-visibility clothing is a must, particularly since some areas on a building site are poorly lit, with staff working in high places or confined workspaces.

Respiration masks need to be worn when working in poorly ventilated spaces, and face wear is vital when working in areas with toxic chemicals, heavy dust and flying debris.

There will be costs involved, but the right safety clothing will protect the worker from many of the hazards prevalent in the industry. However, workwear should constantly be checked for cracks and signs of damage, so you need to be prepared to replace them when needed.

Safety checks
It is up to the employer to ensure the building site is safe to work on. Safety inspectors need to carry out the requisite checks, from checking buildings for asbestos to ensuring scaffolding and machinery are safe. There should be regular fire drills, testing the efficiency of evacuation routes and testing fire and smoke alarms.

As a responsible employer, your worker's lives are paramount, so failure to comply with safety standards will result in loss of life, injury and compensation claims.

Safety Matters: Protecting Your Staff In The Construction Business

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