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Set Up In-House Training Programme in Three Simple Steps

By Business Desk

Monday, August 14, 2017.

All companies, big or small and regardless of industry, should be focused on providing training. As it is not always possible, financially and logistically, to organise a training programme with external trainers, in-house training is a great solution. It is easier than you may think to organise an in-house training programme within your company, simply follow our easy steps and tailor them according to your company's specific situation and the needs of your staff.

Needs Assessment

The best place to start with a training programme is to assess the needs of your staff. Think about the type of areas that your team would most benefit from and the areas that are in need of improvement. Then from there think about the types of training that would best bring about that improvement. If you feel like your sales team is currently underperforming then you will probably want to create an effective sales strategy and techniques programme with specific workshop dealing with areas such as negotiation, how to close a sale and how to effectively build a client base.

If you have been receiving feedback from customers that the customer service of your business has not been up to scratch, then there you have your focus. Perhaps you want your team to be more up-to-date with modern technological advances in your industry or new ways of doing business or marketing, in which case you can revolve your training around these needs and focus areas.


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Material & Equipment

You are going to need to get all the necessary material and equipment in order to set up a training programme that is professional and efficient. If you can allocate one room for your training, that is advantageous as you will be able to keep all your training equipment in there, so it is all safety stored away in one place and ready to go whenever you need it.

There are certain basic items that you will need in order to set up a fully functioning training room or area. First of all you will need somewhere for your trainer to give seminars and to host workshops. Investing in an av lectern where your trainer will be able to give presentations, store their notes and with all the proper AV equipment necessary to ensure that staff at the back of the room will be able to hear everything. You will need to have all the necessary electrical equipment setup and will also need to be providing the material needed in order for your in-house trainer to be sufficiently training up your staff in each specific area.

In-House Training Content

Once you have your in-house trainer selected, your materials and equipment ready to go and you know what areas you want to be training your staff in, it is then time to properly plan the content. There is actually a mountain of resources on-line specialising in most areas of in-house training, so chances are researching the content of your in-house training programme is best done online. You can then tailor and adapt these materials depending on the specific and individual needs of your company and your staff.

With these three simple steps you will be well on your way to building a solid in-house training programme that will continue to build on the expertise and knowledge of your team, will make your staff feel supported and motivated to continue working towards the growing success of your company.

Set Up In-House Training Programme in Three Simple Steps

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