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Breaking the Silence


By Toya Y. Williams


Hollow before this crowd

We are all brothers and sisters of the same nation

We all bleed red

We all bleed red, white and blue



A deep echo inside freedom

Screaming to be free


And that flag that she sowed together

Was held up with minority hands

And bares the mark of minority blood


Deep exhale of slavery

Mental or physical

I wait patiently in the shadows


We all bleed red, white and blue?

Colors, Colors of freedom?

A Minority silence


Shadows no long exist I am here before this crowd

Here before this nation

A Woman, A Man

African American, Hispanic, Asian, Arabic, Jewish


I am the colors of that flag

My hands can still hold it up

Minority blood still marks the symbol of freedom


I shattered the glass ceiling of oppression

Glass ceiling of ignorance

We build on minds

We dodge land mines of stupidity

That has trapped our ancestors for centuries

Centuries of grief

If grief ever exists for the simple fact I am black


I roar to be heard through time and space

And those before me that roared like the king of the jungle

Where shot down and erased


Not from history...But from the minds of those that love to oppress


I know words are like bullets

But those before whose words were like bullets

Caught them in their heads and hands


I will never look back but if I did, I would never turn into a pillar of


When I turn around to explore history I will transform into a golden statue


I shattered that glass false concept of what a minority is suppose to be!

And being me means catching mental bullets through my hands and head

Nailed to this cross they watch and wait


And they hate

Enemy of the State

Black honors before thee

I will honor thee


The slave.. The free man

The educated one who built machines of the future of past

I will honor thee


In my words...In my art...In my strong voice.

Child of a slave numb...Numb...Their words are like bullets...Bullets

Hollow before this crowd

I just broke the silence


Toya Y. Williams is a final year student at Virginia Wesleyan College, Virginia Beach, USA. She was awarded a Presidential and White House Silver medal for Community Services in 2005 and is a 2006 Poetry Ambassador for the United States.


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