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Queen of Light

(Chocolate Dream Delight)

By Cynthia Gentile

Thursday, August 24, 2017.

There ain't no crinkle to my tingles

I don't care what anyone thinkles

I'm all here for your immediate pleasure

Come here, unlock my hidden treasure

Be aware,

X marks the spot

It's not cold... it's hot

Give me a kiss and drip that cherry on top

Let it cascade down my body until it makes me pop

Deep Chocolate Sweetness it's your turn for fun

Let the five star model escapade start the sun

Come here! Yes. Let me have my way with you

Lay back, relax and enjoy this experience so true

That's it. Release all worries and pains.

No stress When together you'll pass or fail a test for a bless

Feel my every gentle touch, tug, lusty lick and kiss

Yes! Rise and stand on command.

None to miss Now... your turn. Take me. I'm yours endlessly

Give it with that passion matchlessly

You're all. I've had a wonderful dream with clapping flowers

I'll leave with singing stars leaving you with new powers

You've been bedazzled and left powerless on this night She wins always with men.

She is the Queen of light

Cynthia Gentile is an African American who hails from the east coast of North Carolina. She lives in Southern California.

Poetry by Cynthia Gentile

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