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Three Poems by Agbaakin O. Jeremiah

Saturday, November 11, 2017.



heaven is so close

you only have to crane

your head up: a tiny distance

from your brow.

there you see it:    a pale fruit

In the bough     of a tall oak

Like a tiny city     of light

On a black map:

A lighthouse     for distressed birds

Sailing      to find nest.

A full moon is rarely hung     like God on the cross

for all     to see       once in the instinct

of saving      the human race..

Tonight, he severs      the tail of stars

From the body     of the moon

She growls     like a startled dove

Staring at the jaw     of daylight

Only to come     back again

At an undisclosed date

Like a Second Coming.



Such a small    space

Where we scavenged

On our scarce    affections.

Our heart was the simple     map

In the quick country       of fantasies

Where time moves     so fast

As if conniving      with the eventuality

Of all things:

Is this not the end of God?

Such a small    city.

Yet a complex     spreadsheet

Like the nail wound—  a rune     on the palm

Of Christ    which skeptic eyes seek to confirm

Before giving     up on

The resurrection     of crucified promises.



Were you     an illusion?

I'm not getting    paranoid

with English morphology—

But don't things      in the l-f

Cluster fool us       so smartly?

On the field      of blurted stars

We wrap our bodies    in mist.

But lo-ve is a weak insurance

against climate change.

Like roses     on the Way

Our lobes must unfurl

At the sound       of the Light.

Is there a thing

Hidden      from the Truth:

She sees      the nude thigh

Of the best      dressed lie

And the dry hay    under

The gauzy wool     of dew;

No, not lo-ve    not sly li-fe

And not      this imminent

Lea-ving:      this refraction of

Our twined stamens  in the sepal

of wilted affections.

I'm leaving      your heart.

Do you need     a lamp

To see that?


How do you say farewell

In the obscene dialect of silence?

Agbaakin O. Jeremiah, a Nigerian poet and a campus editor, studies law at the University of Ibadan. He was on the shortlist of the 2017 Korea-Nigeria Poetry Prize. His works have been featured on several publications.

Poetry by Agbaakin O. Jeremiah

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