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5 Ways to Improve Your Team's Customer Service Skills

By Business Desk

Thursday, November 30, 2017.

While you have undoubtedly heard this before, we are going to tell you again: In business, customer service is everything. You may have a wonderful product, but if your team don’t know how to communicate with your customers, they will have difficulty selling it. Your staff team may be talented workers, but if they don’t know how to interact with a difficult customer efficiently, they are going to affect your reputation. Therefore, you need to focus on identifying ways to improve your team’s customer service skills. Here are some ideas you may find useful.

1. Consider external training. To help your team, the key to building better relationships may be in specific training programmes where they can learn the right communication skills. This includes training in assertiveness and active listening skills, which can be taken in one course, or through a range of others. Training also applies to your role. While you may be in a management position, extra training will pay dividends in your role as a communicator, to both your customers and your staff team.

2. Strengthen communication skills through role-playing. Acting may not be everybody’s forte, but by role-playing through scenarios the next time you have an internal training day, you will be able to see how your team handle themselves. From angry to irritating customers, challenge your team and help them improve their shortcomings. It may be that you can use the tips you gained from external training, or you may be able to source ideas online that will ground your team on the best way to handle tricky customer situations.

3. Run a customer feedback survey. This should include a section on customer service. You don’t want to berate your staff if they receive negative feedback, but you can offer them pointers about how they can improve if any customer has anything critical to say. Of course, the customer isn’t always right (though you wouldn’t tell them to their face), but if a number of comments raise the same issue with a team member, action needs to be taken.


4. Reward your team. Alluding to the above, if any positive remarks are made about a specific staff member’s customer service skills, let them know about it. Highlight what they are doing well, and make sure other team members learn from the positive example set. While you shouldn’t reward team members for remembering to be polite to a customer (it should be expected), but if they have gone out of their way to offer excellent service, you may want to offer them something to give everybody on the team incentive to be better.

5. Keep an eye (and ear) on your staff. While you don’t want to be monitoring your staff member’s every move, you can still check up on them from time to time to see how they are doing. If you notice any weaknesses in their customer service, this can be brought up at the next meeting you have with them. Of course, if there are glaring problems, you will need to take serious action, but in most cases, a few words of guidance from yourself may steer your team member in the right direction.

Bottom line

Improve your customer service and you will improve your business. From sales to reputation, you will see the benefits if you follow the advice given above.

5 Ways to Improve Your Team's Customer Service Skills

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