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What Will Future Work and Careers Look Like?



By Careers Experts



Tuesday, March 27, 2018.


Everyone wants to know what the future will look like, and the future of work and careers is perhaps the most interesting part of all that. With things already changing like never before, the world of work might look very different in the future compared to how it looks right now. But what can we expect? Well, nothing is certain and the future is notoriously unpredictable, but there are certain trends that we can already see heading down the pipeline, coming straight at us.


More and More Automation

Automation is already happening, but we’re not even close to seeing the end of it just yet. If companies can find ways to get machines and technology to do things that used it be done by humans, they’ll probably go for it. That’s because technology doesn’t require a wage and doesn’t have days off for sickness or require holidays. This could mean unemployment problems, but there are ideas, such as universal income that could mitigate that.


Enhanced Tech and Enhanced People?

Transhumanism is becoming a real possibility, and that means people would theoretically be able to enhance themselves using technology. If this becomes a big deal in the future, it will undoubtedly change the ways in which we work because we’d possibly be able to do more and do it more efficiently. Human Paragon is one company that could help you find out more about all this if you’re interested.


Improved Talent Matching

Talent matching is one of the biggest problems in the labour market right now. But with the help of new systems and databases, it should be easier to match employers with employees. It’s something that needs to happen because right now, we have a twin problem of underemployment and a many unfilled and seemingly unfillable job vacancies. That should never be the case.



Locational Mismatches Mitigated by the Internet

It’s often the case that employers need talent but the talent they need can only be found in another location. Migratory problems often make it hard for employers to bring over the employees they need, but this could be mitigated by the use of the internet. Remote working is becoming more reliable all the time, so it could solve these locational mismatch problems.


More Independent Work

More and more people are working for themselves, and this trend looks set to continue in the years ahead. When people are able to work with their own resources, such as a basic computer, they can seek out their work and work directly with clients and customers. It’s something that works well for many people and not so well for others.


The world of work is certainly in a state of flux right now, so it’s not entirely clear what the future will how for how work. It’s not even clear how much we will need to work because the effects of automation might mean that we have more free time, but all of that is yet to be decided. We’ll find out soon!


What Will Future Work and Careers Look Like?

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