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Could You Play A Role In Your Nation's Prosperity?

By Opinion Desk

Thursday, April 26, 2018.

Ever wondered how you could get involved and help your country become more prosperous for the next generation? Having national pride is a very healthy thing as it spurs you forward to achieve better standards. Getting involved in this pursuit isn’t a mainstream urge, and you have to be someone with specific interests. They say the government is a big machine that you can get swallowed up by and lost in. That may or may not be true depending on how you look at it, but there’s more than one way to skin a cat. If working with the government to achieve your aims isn’t something you would like to try, then there are lots of different options awaiting you. Lots of institutions need people who are experts in their industries to inform and advise them. They make decisions that affect the wider public so the more intelligent minds they can hear from the better. There are many areas that you can explore but to make it easy, think of it as two split groups of interest. Would you rather affect the systems of civilization or the people themselves?

The evolving economy

The global economy is changing in a way that we have never encountered before. For the first time in human history, modern nations are going to be soon powered by human innovation and not rely on fossil fuels. Oil, coal and natural gas are going to run out before this century comes to an end. Therefore it's a race against time for the most powerful nations in the world to develop policies that support industries that will make their respective nations the most prosperous. Inevitably there will need to be a renewed effort to understand the two most fastest rising industries that are technology and e-commerce. More students than ever are seeking to go to the top economic universities such as the London School of Business and Finance to learn about these complicated endeavors. LSBF delivers industry-relevant programmes that are constantly updated to fit the current economic climate. People from over 150 nationalities apply to go to the university which is a powerful statement in itself. As well as learning about the different cutting edge economic models and policies, there’s also a chance to expand your leadership skills.

The human engine

Human beings are very industrious creatures, and we love to problem solve. However, our bodies are just mere extensions of our minds. How we perceive the world and how we cope with it is purely psychological. It's one thing to talk about and form policies that run our lives, but it's another to explore the construction of those ideas. What type of person would want to learn about modern psychology then? Those people who are interested in the current frictions in society would want to learn about how human ideals and philosophy play a part in these problems. Why are men and women growing further apart and almost having some kind of silent cold war in the education and family law courts? Are race relations better than previous decades and if so why? What drives people to commit crime and hurt other people? The journey to the undergraduate psychology course is more linear than other subjects. There are lots of professional routes for psychologists because they play both a societal and a governmental role. Becoming part of a university faculty is one way to earn funding for research and creating reports that other institutions will also factor in when they are building policy too.

The past matters

Some say jokingly that historians only get jobs when they’re informing others about history in schools. This not the case as historians have a great deal to play in their nation’s future prospects. The classic Winston Churchill saying of “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it” has not lost a single gram of its weighty importance. Historians usually get jobs in the media because telling the stories of history make for great media consumption which is profitable for the networks that air such shows. Working in museums is another very desirable job for people with history degrees. Museums play a very symbolic role in civilizations as they are basically time capsules. Politicians are also likely to take historians as personal advisors when forming policy as they know the past better than themselves most of the time.

There are lots of courses for people who wish to play a very serious role in society. Being in government isn’t for everybody, but institutions of knowledge and cultural importance are sources which the people in positions of power use to govern.

Could You Play A Role In Your Nation's Prosperity?

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