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Anti-strib: They know black folks


By Rev Rahelio Soleil


Hi there. My name is Rahelio Soleil Snr and I want to tell you how Anti-Strib, an American blog, saved my life.


For years, I labored toward a good life based upon hard work, community involvement, and civic participation. I kissed my kid everyday when taking him to school; I was faithful to my wife; I begrudgingly paid my taxes; and I prayed to Jesus daily.


What I didn't know was that my lifestyle was a sham. It wasn't supposed to be that way. It only made me invisible to society. I wasn't in my proper place with my people. Anti-Strib is just about the best blog there is to help people such as myself truly define what it means to be black.


You see, I'm black and by definition that means that I'm genetically pre-conditioned toward pathology. I didn't know this until I discovered the guiding white light that is Anti-Strib.


"I have a friend who spent some time in prison. He said even in jail it was the same. The whites would beat(white) the child molesters and rapists, but the blacks accepted (black)child molesters and rapists because they were "political prisoners". Come, lets talk facts. 93% vote the same way. No other group of people are so monolithic. Everything is race and the dumb a$$ white self-haters (liberals) want the racial pat on the head. Fathers abandon their children at rates SO much higher then any other sub culture, the crime, education. "


"I'm sick of it. I live in Blaine, a nice area with friendly neighbors who keep an eye on their homes, children and just general stuff. At the enterance to the neighborhood are 3 section 8 homes (5 blocks away) all black families. The police are there at least 2 times a month, the kids run wild, no parents introduce themselves to the homes where they allow their children to run wildly. The kids drop garbage, instigate confrontations and just walk down the street bouncing basketballs. The stereotype is almost comical. The differences are amazing. Blacks face bigotry because of their collectives attitudes, behaviors and life style. Not because of ignorant racist whites. -Greg, Anti-Strib reader


I thank Greg for his insight. I had been fooling myself by thinking it was appropriate for me to view myself as part of a "nice" neighborhood with good white people. Believe me, there are a good number of us blacks who are completely unaware of the fact that we aren't interested in keeping our neighborhoods in shape. No one told us that we were supposed to play the role of problem resident.


Greg is pointing out what many conservatives see with their own eyes everyday. We are told of all the hard working, decent struggling families that need and deserve our support, yet we never see these people. We do see people who do everything to F' up their lives and then expect us to bail them out. -Tracy, lead Anti-Strib blogger


   Spook Who Sat by the Door Wounds of Passion

   Oh Lord, they read books too!


As blacks, we know that so-called "conservatives" are rational and logical people. If they say none of us are "decent" and "hard working" people, they must be right. We know how keen their sight is, so if they don't see something positive among blacks, it must mean nothing positive exists.


The day is over where everyone blindly accepts that racism is the cause for everything wrong in every black household. We know that racism may still exist in tuny pockets, but is largely absent from the communities that we inhabit. -Tracy, lead Anti-Strib blogger


Again, what great enlightenment I've found!


I was once under the delusion that when you educate one group of people while not educating another it has long term effects that create wildly different outcomes. In fact, my silly college professors filled my head with crazy notions that education and employment generally make a big difference in a capitalist society.


Thank God Tracy set the record straight about the fact that servitude, black laws, Jim Crow, racial anti-selection in employment, red lining, racial residential steering, and anti-black racism in general had nothing to do with creating large pockets of black poverty. As we all know, there is no better expert on history and black poverty than a fat white boy living in the insulated fortress of his own self-made greatness.


So, this is what I did in response to the great education Anti-Strib gave me: I quit my job, left my church, left my wife, bid my child goodbye, bought some weed, applied for welfare, impregnated several white women and commited several crimes.


According to Tracy & company, this is the only way a black person can live. Sure, it made sound like incessant ridicule from a group of racially retarded trailer park dwellers, but that's only if you are a liberal, college graduate, or sentient being. Everyone else can see the harsh reality in the words of the Anti-Stribbers.


Now life is better for me. I don't have to work, which is a bonus. I don't worry about money much because the good white people of the world are working to feed me. White girls tend to my every sexual need. Life is so much easier now. For example, today I thought about sitting on my ass and waiting for my welfare check to arrive, but it seemed like too much work so I laid down and cleaned my illegally acquired guns while verbally abusing the white girlfriend that came with my Section 8 benefits.


Yeah, baby, this is the high life. That whole work-church-family thing that my family and friends were doing is just an illusion. You don't really become visible, especially to "decent" and "hard working" white folks, until you live like the welfare king that in your genes.


Rev Rahelio Soleil is a commentator on contemporary American life and politics. He blogs at American Hot Sausage.


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