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3 Essentials For Your New Business

By Business Desk

Tuesday, October 8, 2019.

If you are working on getting your new business off the ground, your mind is probably buzzing with ideas, thoughts, lists and priorities. It can be an exciting yet exhausting time. You have so much that you need to do that it can be difficult working out just where to start and which items on those lists are really the essentials that you should be investing your time, money and effort into. This is where we come in today as we want to share with you 3 essentials for your new business.  

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Look after your team

You should always prioritise looking after your team, after all your employees are your biggest asset

This needs to be number one on your list, from the beginning of your business and then throughout its long and successful life. Your team is your business, they are the people that keep it running daily, the people that your customers communicate with and the people that can rally round and lift your mood on the tougher days. You only need to ask yourself where you would be without them and you will appreciate their value.

Looking after your team can take many different guises. You need to ensure that they are comfortable and confident at work, first and foremost. In order to do this, they need sufficient training and support to carry their jobs out, along with the appropriate technology and equipment to do so. There should be enough members of your team so that they have a challenging yet manageable workload and their work environment should be pleasant. 

In addition to these basics, you should seek to show your appreciation of your team regularly. Look for opportunities to praise them, either as individuals or as a unit. Make an effort to recognise good work or great attitudes and reward appropriately. 

Get support from the experts

You cannot do everything in your business, there are simply not enough hours in the day. Similarly, you cannot know everything as well as the experts in their field know everything, so do not waste time attempting to, instead get support from the experts. 

You could lose hours, even days, attempting to come up with suitable graphics, logos, signage and social media avatars for your business. Unless you are a natural with art and design, the outcome might not look too professional and polished. It would make more sense in this instance to get some support from a graphic designer. This way you simply need to tell them what you need, your thoughts around the design, however detailed or vague, and when you would like them by. You will then be sent a few suggestions to either build upon or go with. 

You might also need IT consultants to help you to set up the digital side of your business or to help you to set up and run all of your tech. For example, Electric absorbs MDM implementation costs and ensures that MDM software helps you manage all the applications on devices within your organization. Working with companies such as this will give you the security that it is being well-managed by experts and free up your time to do what you do best. 

Invest in marketing

Everyone will have completely different opinions on the best ways to invest in marketing your small business, and much of it will depend on the nature of your business. What we will say is that you are going to need to invest something, time or money, in your business marketing to get it off the ground and launched successfully. 

There are some free ways to start your marketing campaign, so it is probably easiest to get going with those to begin with as you develop your long term strategy. 

Word of mouth and referrals can never be underestimated, so start telling people about what you do. Tell your family and friends and ask them to tell their family and friends. When you do get those first customers, ask them for feedback and then ask them to take the time to share a review online, or pass your card on to a friend, whichever seems more appropriate. Incentivise them to do so with a discount off their next purchase if this is a viable option, as it will help to build up your business. 

You should then set up at least one or two social media channels to shout about what you do and connect with others in your industry as well as reach potential customers. These are free to use, so select the ones that you believe will best showcase your business. 

Three Essentials For Your New Business

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