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5 Reasons To Watch The NBA Again In 2020

By Sports Desk

Tuesday, February 25, 2020.

The NBA is in its 74th season, yet (weirdly) it is not as popular as you might imagine. Watching the best basketball players in the world face off week after week is what makes the fall bearable. However, viewers seem to be turning off, with the likes of the NFL and MLB benefiting as a result. And, you could be thinking it’s about time to follow suit and switch off the TV set.

While the NBA has had its drawbacks in the past - Curry and Lebron’s dominance being a prime example - the flagship league for all of basketball still has plenty to offer. In 2020, after a captivating first half of the season, there are more reasons than ever to start watching the Lakers, Timberwolves, and Warriors strut their stuff on the court.

Here they are for your reading and viewing pleasure. Do you want to be the person who did not watch the greatest season of all time (potentially)?

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Steph Curry’s Injury

Before the 2019/2020 NBA season kicked off, it would have been fair to say that you could have easily chosen the playoff contenders. The Golden State Warriors, after dominance over the last couple of years, were at the top of the list. Then, Kevin Durrant suffered an injury, and it pundits said it was down to Curry to pick up the slack.

In a cruel twist of fate, the organization’s leading player broke his hand playing against the Suns at the end of October. To say this was one of the best moments in the NBA would be harsh because nobody wants to see a superstar on the bench. However, it is one of the most impactful moments of the entire season. Now, with the Warriors losing their two best players and their points tally dropping, they are not the same force.

The result? Well, the race for the playoffs and NBA title seems to be more open than ever before. For fans, that’s one reason to celebrate.

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The Lakers Resurgence

Last season, Lebron and the Lakers were a shadow of their former selves. Although it was not a surprise given LA’s previous attempts at regaining their standing in the NBA, everybody believed James would carry them farther. This failed to happen, and fans were disappointed at seeing the best player of the last decade, and an all-time great crash out early.

2019 was an entirely different ball game for the Lakers. James, on top form and with the help of a stronger squad, leads the organization to a record-breaking start. Currently, LA leads the Western Conference with the second-best record in the whole of the NBA. While some fans won’t want to see Lebron’s dominance continue, there’s no doubt that it’s special to watch an iconic franchise return to the top of the tree.

And, after the passing of Kobe, it would be a fairytale end to the season that no one would begrudge them.

Harden And Westbrook Reunion

If someone asked you to choose a backcourt combination, you would be hard-pressed to pick a combo better than Harden and Westbrook. The latter has been a stalwart of the NBA for years, and his consistency is remarkable. Harden, on the other hand, continues to break records, and he is almost unbeatable in a one-on-one situation.

Sure, some people thought they would not be able to combine to great effect, yet that has not been the case so far. In a conference packed with talent - Lakers, Nuggets, and Clippers - they have winning records both at home and away. And, this pairing has been integral. There’s no doubt they’ll make the playoffs and magic up some stunning plays along the way.

For NBA fans, there are not many better sights than watching two of the best players in recent history teaming up to make the 2020 season more competitive.

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Challenge Rule Change

Rule changes do not  always go to plan. NFL fans know about this more than any sport fans, after the recent backlash. Premier League soccer aficionados will be familiar with the introduction of VAR, the decision system that is said to be ruining European football. Regardless, there is bound to be drama, and the first half of the season did not disappoint.

The ‘Coach’s Challenge’ has been particularly fun to watch, even if the rules are confusing. There are teething problems, and that means fans get to watch coaches and players try and react in the heat of the moment, with hilarious consequences. Plus, let’s face it - complaining is fun, too! Okay, the decision might go against your team and that’s frustrating, but part of the sport is to debate refereeing decisions. The rest of the 2020 campaign is set to be more blood-boiling as any previous season thanks to the one-year trial.

Entertainment-wise, it is an undoubted bonus for fans who love to argue about what is best for the corporation. You might want to get used to it because it could be here to stay!

Kobe Bryant

Like all sports, basketball is tribal. Supporters do and say things for the good of their franchise which is not always positive. However, the recent passing of Kobe Bryant, the ‘Black Mamba,’ has brought the NBA community together like never before. Never has there been a moment as impactful on the sport.

Credit has to go to the NBA as well as the fans, too. The memorials have been beautifully conducted, and the atmosphere in the stadiums seems less toxic than ever. Plus, Kobe has transcended basketball, with all of the sporting community around the world mourning his passing. Watching again, then, is an excellent way to get behind his memory and celebrate one of the greatest ever athletes.

If that is not a reason to watch the curtain-closing 2020 season, then a better one does not exist.

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From epic rivalries to the emergence of new and old franchises putting in playoff performances, the NBA is as exciting as ever right now. Not only that, but this season will continue to remember a player who gave his all for the sport and his family.

Even in its darkest moment, the NBA is in a good place right now. Long may it continue.

5 Reasons To Watch The NBA Again In 2020

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