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Coping with Lockdown Tension

By Features Desk

Monday, April 20, 2020.

How’s lockdown for you? It’s different for all of us, but you’re probably in the minority if you haven’t felt at least a little stressed, anxious or tense, for at least some of it. If you are lucky, all you need to do is stay at home to do your bit. Key workers are putting the hours in, and the rest of us just need to practice effective social distancing and good personal hygiene and stay in our homes as much as possible. 

Of course, that sounds far easier than it actually is. We’re missing our friends and family. We haven’t seen the people that we love face to face for weeks, possibly even longer. We’re worried about loved ones, and for most of us, we simply aren’t used to spending such large amounts of time at home with the other members of our household. You might be spending more time with your partner than you ever have before, and you may be feeling a little desperate for some time on your own. 

All of these changes, restrictions, and worries can have a detrimental effect on your mental health, and many of us are feeling tense. This tension can lead to muscle aches and pains, a lack of sleep, loss of appetite, and poor mood. Over time, it can start to affect both your physical and mental health. So, let’s take a look at some of the things that you can do to cope with lockdown tension. 

Try Some Herbal Remedies

Chamomile tea can be a great soother, and other herbs can help you to unwind and relax. This can be especially effective if you are struggling to sleep or find peace. Of course, a good old hot chocolate can have the same effects if that’s what you prefer. 

When we’re tense, one of the first places that we feel it is in our shoulders and neck. Yours might be feeling tight, or even sore and cbd oil could be a big help if you feel as though you are carrying tension in these areas. 

Make Some Time for Yourself

Yes, you’ve got more time with your family than you are used to. Yes, getting to homeschool your children is a wonderful opportunity. But, it’s absolutely exhausting, and if you aren’t used to being so close to other people all of the time, it’s not always good. 

Don’t feel guilty for needing some time to yourself, we all do, it’s good for us. Don’t even feel guilty if you have to ask for it. Tell your partner that you are going to have a bath, or an early night with your book. Tell the rest of the family to go for a walk while you watch a film on Netflix. It’s good to be alone from time to time, and it’s certainly not something that you should feel bad about. 

Just remember that the other members of your household might also crave time on their own from time to time, and try not to worry, or judge if they ask for it. 

Get Some Exercise

Exercise is a powerful stress relief and mood boost. Yoga practice is a great home workout to fight stress and boost your mood, and weight lifting, HIIT workouts, skipping, dancing, and shadow boxing are all great for burning off negative energy. If you can get a walk outside, go for it, while respecting social distancing guidelines, but if you can’t, there’s still plenty that you can do at home. 

Pick Your Battles

If you have children, you’ve probably got rules that you all have to stick to. While these rules are important, and it’s good to create balance and teach responsibility, it’s also important to remember that things are different now. Ask yourself if it’s really that bad if they have too much screen time one day? 

Try to Find a New Routine

Routines are great too. They keep everything running smoothly and are often essential for busy family life. Routines are still good, but yours might need some tweaking. Try to find something that works for your family in lockdown and stick to it as much as you can. 

Make Health and Happiness Your Priority

Source - CC0 Licence

Don’t worry about doing all of the school work, or getting all those household tasks that you might not usually have the time for done. Instead, make health and happiness your priority. If your family ends the day happy and healthy, you are doing a good job. Go easy on yourself, and the rest of your family. 

Coping with Lockdown Tension

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