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Dealing With Common Digital Security Mishaps In Your Office

By Business Desk

Wednesday, September 2, 2020.

Every single modern office is going to have a couple of common digital mishaps, and dealing with them on a regular basis is part of working a normal job. However, if you want to be able to issue specific rules and guidance for your team members if they ever run across a digital issue, you’re going to need to pinpoint what’s going on. 

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Everyone’s Forgetting Their Passwords

A modern business is going to use computers, and with computers comes a variety of digital systems, including hardware, software, and virtual portals or outsourced desks you need to stay in contact with. And every single one of these systems is going to use a password to log in with. So, you may have recently moved to the cloud, and one or more of your employees forgets their login details on a regular basis - what do you do? Use a password manager! 

A password can do a lot for your data; it keeps it safe behind a secure wall that takes a long while to crack from the outside, and it’s an encrypted string of letters and numbers that is never kept in its plain form. A password manager takes this to the next level, and keeps passwords safe and together, without leaving them open to whatever prying eyes are nearby. 

Someone Has Access to the Wrong Data

Accessing the wrong data could be a serious breach of client confidentiality, or even just business security - if you’ve got employees consistently getting into the wrong areas, or you know a manager has lost their login details, you’re going to need to lock things up a bit tighter. 

It’s where identity management systems come in - with something like ProofID on your side, you could very well forego login details altogether, and instead base your data security on a person’s identity. It’s hard to fake this, and it’s hard to confuse someone for a different person altogether when an encrypted algorithm is in the way. 

Your Firewall is Down and You Don’t Know About it

A firewall seems to be able to turn itself on and off at random, and you’re never too sure if your activity online is safe and secure. A firewall will always be the first line of defense against any malicious intrusions, and being able to rely on it 24/7 is a simple expectation. So, it’s time to get to know your firewall status, and how to check on it. 

Your computer at work should have a security center that makes it very easy to check what’s going on with your firewall. Simply search for this in the task or search bar at the bottom of your screen and you should be able to walk yourself through checking on your firewall. 

Yes, some digital mishaps are more common than others, and with these three listed above, you should be able to corner a good portion of your annoying digital issues, and stop them from interrupting your work. 

Dealing With Common Digital Security Mishaps In Your Office

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