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My child is still crying


Dedicated to Maquesha Williams


By Toya Y. Williams


As we run from 1752 to 1794 for peace
in the forest of doubt
A new part of that blood stained wind
Mommy I can't see daddy anymore!
Cant' see mommy!
Can't sleep mommy,
From the wind that stained
thier children, Daddies hands have been blown off in the wind,
In the wind, And daddy left us here to become the wind
Can't sleep in the blood stained wind
Where is my daddy now on this earth?
Right beside that blood soaked soul that
wishes to take mine from me.
And she is still crying about empty hugs
Nasty whispers in the air
I chased away with...
and I wonder, and I
Now know what I must do to remove
This blood stained wind from my child's door step
I must....
I have your hand baby, mommy is right beside you!!


Toya Y. Williams is a final year student at Virginia Wesleyan College, Virginia Beach, USA. She was awarded a Presidential and White House Silver medal for Community Services in 2005 and is a 2006 Poetry Ambassador for the United States.


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