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I’m not a Racist


April 25, 2007.


By Mshairi




I am not racist; I can assert to the highest degree
some of my best friends are black so how can I be?


I am not racist, non-white people fill my work place
yellow, red and of course, the black race


I am not racist; you must see this isn’t an attack
after all, my boyfriend is black


I am not racist but it really is just a question of reality
black people simply have a different mentality


I am not racist, I had just gotten on stage
was heckled, took it badly and went into a rage


I am not racist but why do blacks sometimes act so odd
why are they always so slipshod?


I am not racist, racism is a common malaise
and we are all racist in many ways


I am not racist, together with their sporting agility
I admire black people’s natural musical ability


I am not racist! I am not being nasty or even unkind
I am just outspoken and like to speak my mind


I am not a racialist; another word I’ve noticed
is that different from being a racist?


I’m not a racist but…


Mshairi is a London-based poet. She blogs freequently at www.mshairi.com/blogs


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