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A Young South African Speaks

By Nyiko Floyd Shivambu

Contemporary Azanian Child

A child of about just over teen years
Strolling the streets of Jozi
Empty stomach, empty handed
Only 5 bucks for a taxi home
Home being a single roomed shack in township house backyard
A child full of unattainable ambitions
‘Wish I could own a BMW or Benza’
‘Wish I could buy a house in sub-urban Jozi’
‘Wish I could dine and wine from silver plates and cups’
‘Wish I could learn how to use silver spoons, forks and knives’
‘Wish I could wear Guess what? Palazollo pitti and fake chuck Taylor sneakers’
‘Wish I could just jol a well-shaped, facially gifted lover with class’
‘Wish I could buy chicken feet to feed my empty baseless belly’
And also wish to get another 5 bucks for a taxi to Jozi
‘Maybe I will get a job’

I wouldn't write a poem

I wouldn’t write a poem to weave love phrases and praises
I would never put a pen on paper to utter how much I love you
Never would I play with words and phrases about love, love and love
I wouldn’t say to a paper that you are the jewel of my heart
I would never rave about, eulogise, applause your beauty with ink
Never would I pour my heart through the tip of pen onto a virgin paper
Excuse me, I never write fairly tails about love, love and love
I wouldn’t defuse your mentality through printed words and phrases
I never say to the paper blank script how much I love you
I never send black blue ink in red to your heart to speak out my love
I wouldn’t put and pour my whole heart into a blank, plain… void paper
Never would I say to the paper that I love to love you
…But because it’s you, never to be reduced to poetic phrases and praises
Pen, paper, and guitar I take,
To declare my love to you on paper, I write a poem.

Shivambu, 23, is a student union leader and political activist at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa.  He blogs as Floydn 

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Floeytry... Poetry According to Floyd

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